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RubyLUX was proud to sponsor NYC's inaugural OCTOBER ART WEEK - ART WALK RECEPTION

Sixteen of the city's preeminent galleries -- all clustered on the Upper East Side -- hosted simultaneous opening-night receptions to kick off the first edition of October Art Week.

Top left- RubyLUX CEO, Tom Johnson with Herve Aaron, President of Didier Aaron, NYC
Middle left: Tom Johnson, Carlos Montero de Alba, & Gisele Barrau-Freeman at Hammer Galleries, NYC
Bottom left: Taylor | Graham, NYC
Right- Didier Aaron, NYC

1. More is More - Provide Thorough Descriptions of Your Offerings
Provide consumer with everything they need to know about your item; You are starting a dialog and selling online. The more information you enter, the more inquiries and sales you will get.


TITLE - Keep this brief and to the point (ie. Georgian Walnut Secretary, England, c. 1820) (this is not the place to upsell --- avoid adjectives like Fantastic, Rare, Important, Unusual)

DESCRIPTION - Here is where you can fully describe the piece, wax poetic, provide the backstory and provenance, invite questions and further inquiry.

THOROUGHNESS - Provide date (or era), materials, dimensions (don't be shy about adding a 4th dimension when appropriate (a seat height, for instance)

Regarding: FINE ART - provide signature information, edition number (if applicable), size of artwork and size of frame. Also consider adding or pasting information about the artist such as bio, exhibition history, museums that have the work.

- Quality: the better the photography, the better the response - very important to invest in best images of your pieces
- Quantity: try to provide more than one view of an item
- Digital file size: make sure it is big enough to showcase your item

RubyLUX suggests and encourages dealers to post pricing. Consumers, collectors, designers like to see this. They will often move right on to something else if a price isn't posted. (However, unlike other sites, RubyLUX does not require or penalize dealers who do not wish to post pricing.) Do not be embarrassed by your price point or concerned that competitors may undercut you. Posting prices enables collectors, and especially designers, to filter out the mediocre and search their desired price range (say $40,000 - $125,000 for that aforementioned Georgian Secretary). If you do not post your price, your inventory will not show up in a "search by price" search.

Post Regularly and Consistently for Best Results, Most Leads
If you are getting a shipment in, don't post everything at once. Better to post 5-10 items a week for several weeks...RubyLux updates daily and the newest merchandise is displayed first...If you post consistently, your new inventory will be seen regularly. Also, if subscribers are "following" your store, they will receive updates every time you add merchandise.

Take your "dealer cap" off, and put your "collector/designer" cap on and put yourself in the buyer's position. Think about what they would do a search for.

Try to avoid superlative adjectives (people don't generally search for them..."fantastic", "rare", "important", "fine" are NOT advisable).

Focus on things like wood type(s) (sample "walnut"), period ("Georgian", "18th century"), color ("gilt", "cinnabar"), size is ok (think perhaps of a designer looking for a "small dining table").

Keep your title short (ie: "Georgian Walnut Secretary, 18th Century" - the whole description will then appear on the website without running onto a second or third line)

Bad example: ("Rare and Important Chippendale Georgian Walnut Secretary with Mirrored Doors, England, 18th Century").

Save your sales pitch and full details for the Description field, rather than the Title.


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